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Interactive collection of geographical data  eoPortal Catalogue Client  

The eoPortal Catalogue Client allows you to find earth observation data products from many data providers, data products from different sources can be compared side by side, geographic coverage and reduced resolution images are displayed to allow you to determine the data that best match your requirements.

The Catalogue Client provides two levels of searching. The first is access to a database of data collections (via the discipline search). This allows you to discover details of all data collections that are then available for subsequent queries to identify individual data products of interest. If you know which collection you are interested in you can skip directly to the catalogue search. We hope that the Catalogue Client is fairly intuitive, but more information and help can be found here.

The client will run in any browser having Sun's Java Plugin 1.4+ as its default Java Virtual Machine. For more information on browser configuration, please read the instructions here.
Interactive collection of geographical data  eoPortal Directory of Data Catalogues  

eoPortal catalogue client gives access to catalogues that provide a standard query interface; the current set of catalogues includes examples from ESA, DLR and NASA ECHO. For other catalogues of products available over the internet please see the eoPortal Directory of Data Catalogues.

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